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Scratchwerk is a Technology Research and Development company that uses the power of imagination to discover equitable applications for communities of color.

What Are We Dreaming

We're investing our resources in the research and development of models and applications that ensure communities of color have the power to dream.

DayBreakAPI v2

We are conducting critical, ongoing research on the intersection of feedback, generative AI and upward mobility for communities of color.

Scratchwerk Academy

Our training model and learning management system that's helping to increase the representation of Black people in technology.

Dream Content Fund

Investments into the creative tech and business ideas of students of color, empowering the next generation of tech leaders.

The MyVillage Project

We've deployed tech resources to Black nonprofits, enabling them to build and test tools for monetizing their collective knowledge.

SW-Actualized Impact

Partnership with Actualized Impact to leverage machine learning and data analytics to uncover policy and philanthropic trends.

Imagineering Engineering

We are exploring the use of imagination and data to help leaders and teams co-create and design innovative solutions together.

Our Research Team

The Scratchwerk R&D team is comprised of certified tech professionals and aspiring developers with a passion for discovery. Using the latest technologies, we research innovative solutions to bridge the racial wealth gap and improve outcomes within Black communities.

Advancing our mission to shift power with technology

We strive to create a world where emerging technologies are empowering all communities of color, and where they are well represented in the tech industry.


Diverse Workforces


Student Outcomes


Wealth Distribution


Cultural Realities

Get In Touch !

We're looking for organizations and talented individuals in the areas of research, engineering, education, policy, finance, and philanthropy. Join us in our mission to empower communities of color through technology and innovation.

Contact Details

Our team at Scratchwerk is available by phone and email from 8am to 5pm, Mon-Fri and by appointment.